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Javier Rodriguez releases his full-length album ‘Un Jour Viendra’

February 20, 2023

Creatively encapsulating the passionate highs and lows of human connection, composer and musician Javier Rodriguez releases his full-length album ‘Un Jour Viendra’, and explores the depths of life by way of deeply moving instrumental journeys.

Written and recorded as a direct soundtrack for the film ‘Un Jour Viendra’, by multi-award-winning director Nicolas Cazalé, the project showcases an artist and performer of equal parts skill and devotion. These 10 original tracks uniquely relay aspects of a story heavy with the weight of broken families and declining mental health.

Masterfully-crafted yet also exceedingly diverse, the album highlights the unrivalled experience of one of Europe’s most well-received live musicians, and underlines a sublime and powerful way with design and instrumental story-telling.

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